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Expanded distribution sounds great

Not too long ago, I made Murder by the Slice available for CreateSpace’s “Expanded Distribution” program. There used to be a $25 fee, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay it. But then the fee went away, so I signed up.

With expanded distribution, my book is available for bookstores and libraries to purchase directly from Ingram, a major book distributor.

I was excited to see that today I had my first expanded distribution sale. But I was reminded why I was hesitant to sign on when it cost $25. My royalty on an expanded distribution sale?

Eighteen cents.

The mythical road to riches seems vastly expanded.

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How to tell I’m a professional writer


Business cards. All the best writers have them.


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Last night at our weekly meeting, I confessed to my fellow Writing Lads that I am feeling exceptionally frustrated about The Sequel. Try as I might, I just can’t seem to get the threads of the plot woven together. I find myself wondering if what seemed like a great idea for a second book is, instead, a deeply flawed premise that I won’t be able to salvage. As always, my friends buoyed my spirits, but I skipped my writing time this morning, still feeling discouraged.

And then a coworker came to my office to tell me he had finished Murder by the Slice last night. He told me how much he enjoyed it, and he said my storytelling reminded him–holy moly!–of Armistead Maupin. (Tales of the Pizza?)

Later in the morning, I signed a copy of the book for a friend who told me she’s been waiting to read it until I could sign it for her. It’s possible she’s reading it now, even as I type this.

Now, neither of those encounters solved any of my plotting problems. But they did remind me that people enjoy reading my work and are rooting for me. Best way to honor those kind thoughts? Get back to work.

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That’s my current Amazon ranking. Here’s hoping the launch of this blog might move me up the charts.


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