Sunday night is Writing Lads night

Murder by the Slice would have never been completed without the help of the other members of The Writing Lads. I won’t retell our origin story here — because you can find it here — but suffice it to say Lennox Randon and Dennis Green carried me along until I finally finished the book.

We had a rule that Randon established even before we added Dennis to our writing group. As I was leaving his house one evening, he said, “Good meeting tonight. Next week, we each need to have four new pages.”

Four pages a week.

Some weeks, that seemed impossible. Some weeks, it was a breeze. Either way, four pages a week eventually results in a book.

Zero pages a week? Not so much.

I’m thinking about this tonight, Sunday, because when The Writing Lads were meeting regularly, Sunday night was our night. We don’t meet as frequently at the moment (though we’ve seen some good movies together recently), but the four pages a week rule still seems like a good plan.

I may even be able to do it this very week — if I can get an outline of the plot in place.

That might sound like I’m setting up an excuse for failure in advance, but my days as a pantser are over. It’s time to make a change from pantser to plotter.



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