That’s my book over there

I’m sitting at a table in the Marion Pubic Library, and from my seat I can see Murder by the Slice on the shelf. It’s just a few books down from Enter Pale Death and a few books up from Murder in the Hearse Degree.

To be honest, I think Murder by the Slice is a better title than either of those. I’ve noted here before that titles may be the only thing I’m actually good at writing.

But that’s the not the important thing, of course.

The important thing is this: I wrote that book over there.

A case could be made that I should be able to write another one.

Heck, from where I sit, I can see a shelf that is two-thirds full with books by Richard Castle.

People, Richard Castle isn’t even a real person.

Bringing all the powers of my philosophy degree to bear, I’m willing to suggest that I am a real person. Thanks, Descartes!

So, to recap: I’m a real person who has written a real book. You can check it out from the Marion Public Library.




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