A.R. Miller needs something to read

Back on January 11, my friend and fellow author A.R. Miller gave a shout out to my blog. The entry she linked to was hardly an entry at all. But she is clearly influential, because my readership numbers spiked. In my stats, it looks like a skyscraper among split level homes.

Which is to say, this blog post referring my 5 loyal readers (I’m rounding up) to her blog, is unlikely to have an equivalent impact for her. But, hey, she’s looking for something new to read, so weigh in, if you’re so inclined. And while you’re there, check out her books. (My review of Disenchanted ran in the Iowa Source, but doesn’t seem to be online.)

I suggested Underground Airlines by Ben Winters. (Which, by the by, calls to mind Memoirs of a Dead White Chick by fellow Writing Lad Lennox Randon.)



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